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November 11, 2018

Dr. Charles Kirby
Interim Preaching Pastor
Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland

Dr. Charles Kirby has been a preacher for over 50 years, pastoring some of the finest, fastest growing and largest churches in the nation. He most recently served as senior pastor at Lake Gibson Church for 19 years before retiring in May 2017.

He began his preaching ministry in his first year of college after God healed his stuttering, stammering tongue. He began to get calls to preach revivals on the weekends during his college days. He would leave the college campus on Fridays, travel across the Southeast to preach Friday night through Sunday night, returning to the campus usually early on Monday mornings for an 8:00 a.m. class. After He and Bess married, they continued in revivals until they began their pastoral ministry in a home mission church with three people.

Charles Kirby continued preaching in conferences and camp meetings for 35 years while maintaining his pastoral ministry and preaching on Sundays in his local church. He has preached in over 45 states and districts to multiple denominations including Wesleyan, Churches of Christ in Christian Union, and Missionary Denominations.

“It goes without saying, God has blessed me abundantly and beyond my greatest expectations as a preacher of the Gospel of my Lord. Every morning God wakes me up He reminds me He is not finished with me yet. The preaching flame has been burning in my heart since I was a young boy preaching in a make-believe church in the barn at my old home place. It will not go out until God calls me home!”

About Our Services

At Restoration Fellowship, we embrace the hymns and praise-choruses of the church in a lively, choir-led time of worship each Sunday morning. Services also include inspirational reading from God’s Word, music from the RFC Singers Choir, and special musical selections from soloists and groups.

Time and Location

Service Times: 10:00 AM Sunday Mornings in Auditorium
Coffee, donuts and other refreshments are served in the lobby prior to and after the service.

Choir Rehearsal: 9:15 AM Sunday Mornings in Auditorium
All singers who would like to minister with the RFC Singers are welcome to join us for rehearsal. Sheet music and demonstration CDs are made available every Sunday.

Worship Address:

Kathleen High School Auditorium
2600 Crutchfield Road
Lakeland, FL  33815

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RFC Singers Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, KHS TV Studio

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