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Darlene had a mastectomy on May 6. She went back to the doctor for a follow-up visit and was told that no further surgery is needed and no chemo is needed. She is rejoicing and we praise the Lord with her!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Tim is Sunny McFarland's 42-year-old nephew who is hospitalized with a very serious kind of pneumonia. He is in critical condition and really needs our prayers.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Lisa's cancer seems to be worsening. The lump in her neck is a little larger and swallowing is more difficult due to cancer of the tongue. Please pray for God's Divine touch on Lisa.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Mark is Joyce Donley's son who has schizophrenia. He has stopped taking the medications that he so badly needs and the family is very concerned. Please pray for Mark.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


On March 31 Joyce had a bad fall and badly fractured her shoulder. She is now scheduled to have physical therapy for two weeks, beginning this week. Then she is to do the therapy herself at home for two weeks and then see the doctor on June 24 for a follow-up visit. She would appreciate our prayers.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Hopeton is the great-great-niece of Joyce Donley. She is only two months old and has been in and out of the hospital with hydrocephalus, insertion of a shunt in her head, epilepsy, bleeding, and now has a feeding tube. The doctors are saying she may never walk or talk. This precious baby really needs our prayers! Pray for the family, too.

Submitted by: Carol Justice

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