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Christopher is in Lakeland Regional Hospital and is now on a ventilator. Please pray for him for physical and spiritual needs.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Tim is Fred Smith's brother. He is in the hospital intensive care unit, not conscious, and is quarantined. His condition is very serious. Please pray for Tim both physically and spiritually.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Marlene was in church this morning (Sunday) and is feeling much better! We rejoice with her and thank each one who prayed for her.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Charlie is the 2-year-old daughter of Jennifer Panyi's friend. Charlie has been diagnosed with leukemia and has started chemotherapy treatments. Please pray for this precious little girl.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Please pray for the Rodriquez family. Little 3-year-old Aviana who had leukemia, has left the leukemia behind her and is now with Jesus!

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


tumor on right side her neck is swolling in large and in pain.

Submitted by: charley


Mae Edwards, a friend of the Wilcox’s, has been hospitalized with pneumonia and heart problems. Her son, Michael, has worshipped with us at RFC several times.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Stephanie has returned to her home in Florida and will undergo tests for possible cancer.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson


Carol will be having a CT scan on July 28 to see if the chemo treatments are doing what the doctor hopes. She will see the doctor on August 4 for the report.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson

Pastor Vincent Anguleti

Pastor Anguleti of Zambia and a friend of Pastor Terry's, had his first surgery to repair his leg. They removed several pieces of dead bone. When the infection clears, they will proceed with the next phase of surgery. Please continue to pray for him.

Submitted by: Carol Wilson

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