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Update on Ray and Lois Masse: Ray was in the Palm City, FL, hospital for six days and diagnosed with "A Typical Parkinson's Disease." He was then transferred to a rehab facility where he is now. He should be discharged home this weekend.

Last October Lois was to have hip replacement surgery, but fell two weeks before that and broke both legs! She is home, but in a wheelchair, until she can have surgery in a few months. They do have someone with them at home to help in their care.

Ray and Lois both need our prayers!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Update on the Cayces: They have all tested positive for the COVID. Grafton has never been very ill from it, even though tested positive. James continually feels better. Rindy was very sick but has really taken a turn for the BETTER! And we are thankful. Rindy continues to need our prayers for complete recovery. She is the daughter of Larry and Lois Hitt.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Update on Mark, who is the 41-year-old grandson of Dave and Sunny McFarland who has colon cancer: Mark has begun his chemo treatments in the form of a pill. He may have radiation at some point, but this is not certain yet. Mark still needs our prayer support.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Carol has been pretty sick for a few days. Her husband was taking care of her and now he is in the hospital. Please remember Carol in prayer.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Ed was taken to the hospital Sunday morning with severe stomach pain. Tests are still being run and no certain diagnosis as yet. Please pray for Ed.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Please continue to pray for Angie Taylor's friend Jen Lawder who is in and out of the phych unit in New Market Ontario with deep psychological issues. We sense there is a long term depression pattern and some deep issue with an abuse component as well as Schizophrenic delusions, and mania. This has been a long term, condition, and Jen needs prayer for her emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.  She does not eat and often refuses to take her meds.

Submitted by: Dianne DiFabio

Kaitlyn Alvarez

Kaitlyn is having a heart ablation on 7/20/20. Please lift her up in your prayers.

Submitted by: Brenda Alvarez


Linda is Sandy Siler's best friend and prayer partner. She will be having lower back surgery, although the surgery date is not known yet. However, she is in much pain and would appreciate our prayers during this painful time of waiting for surgery.

Submitted by: Carol Justice

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