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David and Nancy and Nancy's son, David, all have been tested positive for COVID. Nancy and her son, David, are doing very well. But, her husband David has been admitted to the hospital with breathing problems and needing oxygen. He is stable and will be having more tests. Of course, Nancy is unable to visit him, which makes "hospital life" for David very lonely! Please pray!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Stephen is the son of Pastor Jon and Jean Betz. He has been battling COVID, complicated by other medical issues of diabetes and COPD. Just recently he has experienced a new relationship with the Lord. When this happened, his COVID symptoms left immediately and he is praising the Lord! We join him in thankful praise to God!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Jean has learned that she does have cancer of the breast and it is in her lymph nodes. She is asking us to pray with her that she will have wisdom from God in making decisions regarding treatment for this.
Jean is also experiencing tremendous pain on her side. She is taking pain medication daily and really needs our prayer support for a Divine touch on her body!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Ethan is the little 4 y/o grandson of Brian and Belinda who are good friends of Pastor and Danielle Wilcox. We had Ethan on the Prayer Wall some time ago, but he is, once again, very much in need of our urgent prayer support. He is in very serious condition. Please pray!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


The Memorial Service for Jim Goodwin will be held this Friday, January 22, at the Lake Gibson Nazarene Church. The viewing will be at 1:00 p.m. and the service will be at 2:00 p.m. Please continue to remember his wife, Janice, and the entire family in prayer.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


I had a very nice chat with Dwight today. Things are going well for Dot at home. They have daily help through a private-duty agency, as well as a physical therapist under Medicare coming several times a week. Dot is still confused. Please help us pray that this will clear up. Thank you for your prayers!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Mary Ellen saw her doctor today about the fractured right elbow and bruised left knee from her fall. She now has a cast on her elbow and a brace on her left knee. She will be having a CT scan on the knee, as well. Prayers for continued healing are appreciated!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Shirley's brother-in-law, Bill, has had a heart attack with complications. Her sister, Fran, has mental challenges. The family plans for Bill to move to Kentucky with his daughter and for Fran to move to a nursing home in Kentucky close to where Bill will be living. However, due to Fran's condition, she may not understand the situation and be fearful. This family really needs our prayers!

Wilma is another sister of Shirley's who is having breathing problems which the doctor thinks is heart-related. She goes on January 12 to be tested and to see what can be done to help her.
Please remember these family members of Shirley's.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Arlene and her husband, Ray, are friends and supporters of RFC. They live in New Jersey. Ray has reached out to us to ask if we would join him in praying for his dear wife of 66 years. Arlene has many physical problems including being legally blind, being wheelchair-bound, and losing the use of her left arm. She is a victim of Guillian-Barre Syndrome, CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy), and autoimmune disease. She is treated at home with IV medication periodically.
Ray writes, "We pray that what she has left will not be taken from her before she goes to be with the Lord." How these precious people need our prayer support!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Please pray for my husband. He had a test on his carotid arteries and has major blockages.
He will see a vascular specialist on January 20th. Please pray for healing and God’s peace. His name is Ronnie.

Submitted by: Barbara Rowe

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