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Leanna's foot surgery was successful; however, it was more complicated and took longer than expected. She can't put any weight on it for at least three weeks and then a boot for at least another three weeks. It is still painful, although getting some better. She had shoulder surgery a while back and now has to use that shoulder to get herself on the knee scooter. Now she has shoulder pain, too! Continued prayer for Leanna is appreciated!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


I spoke with Clarissa yesterday (Saturday) and she is rejoicing that the pain in her shoulder is better and she is able to have more movement in her arm and shoulder. Continued prayers for this dear lady are appreciated!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Glenda has GREAT news! She went to the doctor today to get the results of the tissue biopsy from the lumpectomy surgery. The doctor said there was a tiny bit of cancer, but it was removed in surgery. She has a clean report and she is certainly praising the Lord! We join her in joyful praise!!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Mary is requesting prayer as she goes to the doctor Wednesday, September 22, to have stitches removed from an earlier biopsy. In addition, she will have several new biopsies taken.

Mary also fell this evening (Tuesday) and bruised up her knees, but thankfully, no broken bones.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Jan Nephew reports that her grandson-in-law, Chris, came through the brain surgery very well with no damage. They are waiting for the pathology report and request prayer that there is no report of cancer. Chris is the young man who is in the military. Praise the Lord for a successful surgery and please continue to pray for a path report clear of cancer!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


I am home from the hospital. The surgery went well. Thanks for your prayers. They found something else wrong and had to call in a Urologist. So I have to find out what that is all about.
I will be recuperating at home for a couple of weeks.

Submitted by: Lamping


Bob saw a new doctor this last Tuesday concerning his knee that was injured when he fell. He will be given an injection once a week for three weeks to cushion his meniscus scraping the bone. He had one injection this week, along with fluid removal. If this treatment does not help, knee replacement may be needed. Please keep Bob in your prayers!

Submitted by: Carol Justice

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