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Shirley Gibula

Shirley’s sister, Wilma, passed away and the funeral was today (Saturday). Please pray for Shirley and the family as they go through some difficult days.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Marlene was taken from church to Lakeland Regional Hospital with stroke like symptoms. Numbness on left side and face. Her blood pressure was 213 / 100. Dr. Says there is a blockage somewhere causing high pressure. More tests will be done Sunday to find blockage. She asks we pray for her pain and burning headache.

Submitted by: Carol Justice

Angie Taylor

Angie Taylor is back in hospital in Severe pain at her g-Tube site. After extensive tests over the past 3 days the Drs feel that there must have been a nick to a nerve when her G-tube was inserted in early April.She describes the pain as hot searing bubbles which is an acurate description of Sciatic nerve pain which many of us have had A pain Management dr. will be seeing Angie for perhaps a nerve block. Please pray for healing and answers, as she still cannot talk. The speech therapist was in today and there is no movement at all in the vocal chords. She also cannot swallow Thank you so much for continued prayer for my precious daughter

Submitted by: Dianne DiFabio


It is an answer to prayer , that Angie Taylor was admitted to RVH here in Barrie this morning just after 8p.m. She was in emerg fro 5:45 yesterdat until this morning. They did a CYScan to eliminate a mass or abcess blood work and urinalasis. Today theyare going to do ultra soune of entire abdomen to see progrss of Fistula and Hernia. Saw 3 doctors while in emerge, and last one Dr. Lee feels that a nerve might have been nicked during the surgery to insert the feed tube, and this is cayusing such acute pain. A doctor of internal medicine has been called Angie textsDr. Trimble thinking nerve pain toostopped Naproxen upped Gavapenton very low blood pressure. She Said "that Iam not going to die""We will get through this" With Hydromorphone keeping me comfortable" Thank for prayer! Blessings

Submitted by: DiFabio


Dan fell off of a ladder today, sustaining a cracked vertebra and sternum bone. Plus, he had a bad cut on his arm for which he had to go to the hospital operating room to have it cleaned and dressed. He will have x-rays of the back and sternum. Please pray for Dan.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Jim is home from the hospital, on antibiotics, and doing very well. We praise the Lord for this good report!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


We have a new update and praise report from Danielle Wilcox regarding Shane Cotter, who is the Wilcox’s nephew-in-law. He is now HOME from the hospital and doing much better. He has home health services coming to the home with physical and occupational therapies and is on oxygen. God is, indeed, at work! Thank you for your prayers - keep praying!

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Please pray for Jean's back pain which is worse at night.

Submitted by: Carol Justice

Sandy Siler's granddaughter, Hannah

Hannah is traveling with Win Shape Program for two. months and covering four states, teaching Bible Camps. The Director of this Program received a call that his sister was involved in a traffic accident, so he had to fly home. His sister passed away. She was a Christian. Pray for the family. Also, pray for Hannah and the continuation of the Win Shape Program who are continuing their ministry this summer and have a new temporary Director.

Submitted by: Carol Justice


Gene will have surgery on his left eye on June 17 to repair the eyelid that has lost the muscle tone. Please remember Gene in prayer.

Submitted by: Carol Justice

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