Dianne – Prayer Request,Praise Report


It is an answer to prayer , that Angie Taylor was admitted to RVH here in Barrie this morning just after 8p.m. She was in emerg fro 5:45 yesterdat until this morning. They did a CYScan to eliminate a mass or abcess blood work and urinalasis. Today theyare going to do ultra soune of entire abdomen to see progrss of Fistula and Hernia. Saw 3 doctors while in emerge, and last one Dr. Lee feels that a nerve might have been nicked during the surgery to insert the feed tube, and this is cayusing such acute pain. A doctor of internal medicine has been called Angie textsDr. Trimble thinking nerve pain toostopped Naproxen upped Gavapenton very low blood pressure. She Said “that Iam not going to die””We will get through this” With Hydromorphone keeping me comfortable” Thank for prayer! Blessings

Submitted by: DiFabio