Current Needs

As we continue to grow, there are a number of needs that are on the horizon for our church. Listed below are some of the items that we are hoping to be able to purchase in the near future.

Welcome Center Desk

COST: $300

A welcome center desk is the perfect area to greet new visitors and provide information about current ministries at RFC. We have a wonderful gentleman who has already agreed to build a custom desk for us.

Disk Labeler

COST: $2,300

A disk labeler is a special printer capable of printing directly onto CDs and DVDs to quickly label up to 100 discs in one run. This is very helpful for preparing choir demonstration CDs and service DVDs.

Choir Presentation System


This system will allow the choir and all other singers and guests to view a presentation of their words and notes as a separate video feed from what the congregation sees, which allows greater freedom for worship and communication. System include two TVs, two low-frame, cabinet TV mounts, an Apple MacBook laptop, video and network cables, and a presentation remote.

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