News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

Danielle and I are working to complete my responsibilities as Executive Director of Bridgeport Rescue Mission, ready our home in Bridgeport for sale, and organize a home and office in Lakeland.

We have leased a house at 2463 Tahoe Drive in Lakeland. One of our vehicles is now registered in Florida, and we are on schedule to be full time pastor of RFC by November 1. Please continue to pray for God’s blessing on RFC, the sale of our home, the selection of a CEO at Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and the logistics of our move to Lakeland.

While in Lakeland last week, I went to our choir meeting and heard the introduction of our Christmas musical. Pastor Darrel is, once again, preparing a quality program to which all of us will be proud to invite others to attend. If you have singing abilities, and you’re not using them, call Pastor Darrel and explore the ministry opportunity presented by our wonderful choir.

For good physical health we need: (1) good nutrition and (2) exercise. For good spiritual health we need: (1) good nutrition (the Word, prayer, worship, etc.) and (2) exercise (service, ministry, etc.)

Be healthy!

-Pastor Terry Wilcox