News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

This Sunday I plan to continue my message series on “A Church Like Jesus”. The theme is generosity. I would like you to think about the generosity of God as demonstrated by Jesus. Synonyms for generous are: liberal, lavish, magnanimous, giving, openhanded, bountiful, ungrudging, prodigal, infinite, and unsparing. Does this sound like the Jesus you know?

Social research in America indicates that although many people are turned off by the “organized church”, they still find Jesus attractive. This is a bit of a mystery to me, because, like many of you, I discovered Jesus through the church. My most precious experiences, relationships, joys, memories, and growth have come to me through the church. I love worshiping with people who are excited about Jesus, like the people at Restoration Fellowship. People who are committed to sharing the gospel with others.

Let’s pray together for the Lord to show us how we can be generous with each other, as Jesus has been generous with us.

Danielle and I have leased a house in the Bridgewater development on the East side of Lakeland. Please continue to pray for a buyer for our home in Bridgeport.

-Pastor Terry Wilcox