News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

It is a great joy to be celebrating our nation’s Independence Day! Freedom is the grandest of concepts. I believe it originated with God. The framers of the Declaration of Independence called it “an inalienable right, given to us by our Creator.”

As Restoration Fellowship Church worships together at Kathleen High School this Sunday at 10:00am, I invite you to help us honor our military, law enforcement, firefighters and EMS personnel who spend themselves to protect our safety, lives and freedoms.

Our ministry team and choir, under the leadership of Pastor Darrel, are working hard to lead us in a great experience. My message at the close of the service will provide an opportunity for people to respond to the gospel. Please join me in praying for the convincing work of the Holy Spirit to draw people to Jesus.

Danielle and I continue to work towards moving to Lakeland. We have selected Coldwell Banker as the realtor to sell our home and on the 6th and 8th we will be looking at possible house rentals. We are trusting God to provide a buyer and to direct us to a residence in Lakeland. Where he has guided us, he has always provided.

-Pastor Terry Wilcox