News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

Last Sunday at RFC I was inspired and encouraged (and that was before I preached)! As you heard or experienced on Saturday, those setting up for our worship discovered that the a/c in the school auditorium wasn’t working and despite Andrew’s best efforts, the a/c wouldn’t come on. The decision was made to set up the TV studio to have our worship there.

This morning, I had Al Carey (recently retired CEO of PepsiCo America) speak to the staff and board members of Bridgeport Rescue Mission on the subject of servant leadership, which has been his core value at PepsiCo. Among the dynamic truths he referenced, was the “adversity advantage”. Al gave examples of how the greatest problems he and his company were confronted with, caused them to work together and try new things, which resulted in significant improvement as people “discovered their best self”. I know, if you are familiar with scripture, your mind is going to the first 12 verses of James chapter 1.

As I met with our Leadership Team on Saturday and worshiped with you in the studio and via the internet, I was inspired and encouraged by your flexibility and diligence to offer Jesus our best.

I am excited to be with you again this Sunday and hope you will be with us (in person or via internet).

-Pastor Terry Wilcox