News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

God has given us many great gifts. Certainly salvation, forgiveness, adoption, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and eternal life are among the greatest.

However, I am thinking of one of his most powerful gifts he has given to each of us. One that can bring us confusion, chaos, and heartache; or confidence, peace, and great hope. Frankly, if God had asked my advice regarding gifting us with this great power, I would have said, don’t give it. This world and our lives are filled with the awful, and also the wonderful, effects of the use of this gift.

I am thinking about God the Creator giving you and me the power to choose. Every day, hundreds of times a week we exercise the awesome power to choose. Make no mistake, I respect and embrace the sovereignty of God, and I believe he will do what he said he will do, and he will complete his plans for his creation. I also believe he has shared with us a great power to make choices.

When I encounter someone in need, I can choose to save my resources. When I encounter someone whose life choices are contrary to my values, I can choose to reject and ostracize them. When someone wrongs me, I can choose to resent them and become bitter. OR… I can choose to actively love, accept, and forgive others. I can choose to be generous and joyful. I know that these choices can bring confidence, peace, and great hope.

May the Holy Spirit help each of us to use our great power to choose in ways that honor Jesus.

-Pastor Terry Wilcox