News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

It was my great joy to worship with you at Kathleen High School this past Sunday. Like some of you who are away from Lakeland, I often watch our service online and so, I appreciate Andrew, Butch, Laura, George, Bob, and the others who make our online presence a reality. And like many of you, I just put a check in the mail to help fund Restoration Fellowship. A big thanks to those who support RFC when you are away from Lakeland.

Danielle and I are busy preparing our home in CT to be sold. The most challenging part is sorting through the stuff and deciding what to take to FL and what to do with the rest.

We have decided to rent a home in Lakeland for a year. This plan alleviates the stress of locating and purchasing the “right” permanent residence. We appreciate your prayers concerning both selling the current residence and renting a place that can serve as both residence and office. (we are sorting through about 4,000 books).

I plan to be preaching at RFC on June 16 and 23. Danielle will be with me at RFC July 7. Our daughter, Rebekah, and granddaughter (unnamed and due August 20) are well.
I enjoy worshipping at RFC (in person and online), where people are excited about Jesus, and I am glad you are part of our loving fellowship.

-Pastor Terry Wilcox