News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

On Saturday Danielle and I learned that one of our neighbors had died last week and that she had cancer for several years. This was a surprise to us. Over the years we had a casual over-the-fence relationship. We knew they were not believers, had no children and few family members. We learned that the deceased did not want anyone to know of her struggle or her death, and did not want any kind of service. When we told our daughter, Rebekah, who now lives in Seattle, she said, “how sad to have no hope.” The couple and Rebekah had a relationship with each other, centered around their dogs, which played together.

There are people who are lonely and without hope around us. Sometimes they are just across the fence. Those of us who know Jesus, enjoy the fellowship of other believers, and know that the grave is simply the doorway to paradise, are blessed beyond measure.

A former staff member and friend, Rev Jonathan Hevita, was in my office today. He told me that the vice president of Namibia died this past Sunday and that Jonathan had been asked to speak at the funeral. We reminisced for a few minutes about the vice president being in the service of one of the churches where I have often preached. I vividly remember him kneeling at the altar as I served him communion. Two recent deaths of people I knew, one left me sad, the other left me smiling. Oh the blessed difference our faith makes! May God show us with whom we can share our blessed hope.

-Pastor Terry Wilcox