News & Views from Pastor Terry Wilcox

Like many of our congregation who are not living in Lakeland this time of the year, I have been blessed while watching our Sunday service online. Thank you to those who make it possible. The past two Sundays Pastor Jay presented excellent scriptural sermons. I believe you will appreciate the preaching of my good friend, Brian Hammond, as well. He is an excellent communicator with many years of effective pastoral leadership. On May 26, June 16 and June 23, I will be sharing a series of messages titled “A Church Like Jesus”.

Please read Psalm 139:14-16 and consider my view on the passage. God says he has made us wonderfully complex, that he saw us before we were born, and has pre-recorded every day of our lives in his book.

Many people spend their lives pursuing what they don’t have. Most advertising is designed to convince us we will be happy when we have what someone else has. Their: car, house, waistline, boat, hair, abilities, partner, friends, etc.

There is great joy available to those who accept themselves as God’s creation. Use your energy and time to express the unique strengths and perspectives that God has given to you. Philippians 4:13 is often quoted and often misunderstood. It is part of a message on contentment and the strength of accepting who you are: God’s creation, resting in Christ.

Be who you are. That’s where your most valuable treasure is. Set free that beautiful, worthy person inside of you. Free yourself from worrying about what others might think, or say, or do. Instead, focus on being the best, most authentic manifestation of you that you can possibly be. There is no need to prove anything to anyone. There is no need to wait for happiness or fulfillment. They are yours when you decide to live them. Enjoy being you, right now. There is so much you have to contribute, just by living the one-of-a-kind life that is your destiny. It’s more than OK to be you. It’s the very best and most genuinely fulfilling thing you can do.

One of my favorite preachers, Mark Evans, says this “There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a person being unapologetically themselves; comfortable in their perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of freedom, of peace.”

-Pastor Terry Wilcox